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Registration Fee: $40 for the first child, and $45 when you register two children at the same time.

    • This is a one-time fee due at registration.

    •$20 registration fee if a second child is registered at a different time

A one-week deposit is due at registration, which pays for the last week in attendance.

Our rates are as follows:

    •Preschool including daycare: $38/day (for up to 9 hours per day) $40/day (longer than 9 hours)

    •Add $2/day if child is in diapers


    •Before School: ($10/hour + more for transportation) OR $38/day on non-school days

    •Summer Camp: $41/day (elementary ages).  Preschool age pricing is same as above.

    •$2/day discount on second child


Payments are due weekly, on the first day of the week your child attends the program. Payments can be made by:

At the end of every 6 months, you will receive 1 week free (if absences accumulated equal number of days child comes each week).

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